2021 has been tumultuous. From January 6th to the waning days of the year the merry go around has turned faster and faster. What may happen in 2022 to spin the gyre ever violently?

1) Republicans take Congress- By 35 in the House and 4 in the Senate, the Republicans regain control of both chambers and stymie Joe Biden and his socialist coterie. Dems will fight and cheat like mad and call the election illegitimate if they lose. Racism, sexism, and the Atomic Mole People will be their excuse for the defeat. McCarthy may not be the new speaker, as sources say he is not popular with the caucus. McConnell will return as majority leader. Dems will shove Nancy Pelosi out the door if they lose. They will look for a younger less divisive figure to lead their House caucus. Schumer is safe. If Republicans take a senate majority, Manchin jumps to GOP.

2) Abortion- Those bets are off if the Supreme Court further limits abortion. The Dems and the infanticide lobby will scream that women are on their way to red capes and gullible young and liberal women will buy it and thus turn out at the polls looking for revenge on the big mean conservative Supreme Court.

3) Trump- He will take credit for the congressional win, no matter if he deserves it or not. His media empire will expand, but he will face several legal issues that could damage his brand and make Ron DeSantis look that much more attractive to 2024 Republican primary voters.

4) War in Ukraine- The Russians will move soon to grab at least the eastern part of the nation and perhaps the whole enchilada. If negotiations happen with the West to forestall that they will mightily resemble Munich 1938. Thus the eastern Ukraine will be ceded to Russia outright and she will take the rest within a year. This is Putin’s attempt to reconstitute the Czarist empire. This will not be his last play.

5) War in Taiwan- The US 7th Fleet will stand idly by as the Chinese Communists seize Taiwan. Biden will buy their bluff, thinking he is risking Chicago if he supports the ROC. The Chinese are using the Rhineland gambit. They would back off if the United States put some teeth in the verbal commitments made to Taipei. But Xi knows Biden will fold and Xi will act. This will put Japan in grave danger, not to mention South Korea. We are losing the Pacific.

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6) Biden- If Dems lose Congress in a landslide and Joe Biden continues his race to a confused dotage then both those developments could be used as a rationale to remove Biden from office by party pressure or, less likely, the 25th Amendment. Dems do not want to go into 2024 with a senile failure as president. They prefer an affirmative action airhead. They will act accordingly.