In 1842 Edgar Allen Poe wrote The Masque of the Red Death. In it, a plague that is ravaging a land causes a prince to retreat into his castle with 1000 pals. He throws a massive debauched party for them that culminates, room by room, in a room where death awaits them. His soiree was just a social bandaid on a sucking chest wound. Death was among them the entire time.

About 180 years later we have a plague. It causes people to retreat not into parties, but behind an actual mask. And it will cause a kind of death. Not to the plague victims, which are far and few between, but it will effect a political mortality on those who wear the mask anywhere they can. Within the coming year their mask, their virtue signaling sign of superior morality, will politically lay crushed into a useless heap. The Covid mask scam will be largely over.

Thus the Democrat blues, who should in all actuality be the reds, are now just dancing wilder and wilder on their way to the morgue. No they won’t disappear. But they’ll be neutered as much as they can be until January 2025. And they deserve it, for forcing others to wear the mask.

You seem them everywhere. Masks at the beach, masks riding alone in cars, masks at NYE parties (going to one tonight) where people are neck to neck anyway and where you’d be more likely to catch a dose of the clap than Covid. A former playboy bunny this week, a lass apparently with some serious issues, hit and spit at an elderly man on a plane because he wouldn’t wear a mask to the degree of her satisfaction. She is typical.

For in the fanatical mask wearers we see the inner socialist authoritarian coming into focus. We are not allowed to do things any way but their way. If you don’t then they will use violence or government, many times both, to coerce you into obedience. Can’t get more socialist than that.

Are there times the mask is legitimate? Yes. Private firms, bring private, can dictate their employees wear masks. The employees can leave if they choose not to don it. Private businesses, when you walk through their doors, can also mandate a mask. Their company, their rules. As annoying as it is, you are free to go somewhere else. Individuals can wear masks as much as they please. Idiocy is always a viable option for some people.

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But elsewhere, this is a decision that should be left up to the individual. As such, many will cast off the mask. This is especially so, as general recovery rates are over 95 percent and the rate for those 40 and under is over 99 percent. However, this will not stop the mask fanatics. They will push and push for their obsession to be made a requirement on all of us. That’s why their mask-querade, pardon the pun, will likely come to a very blue end in November. Americans just don’t like being lectured to by nasty little socialists.