For the longest time, good people have sat on the sidelines as the bad people run the show. 

And there are plenty of bad people in government who are corrupt and have personal agendas. 

They know all the rules, how to use them against the people they are supposed to represent and also how to break those rules with no repercussions.

The rest of us have jobs and lives and are too busy to read all of the rules and definitely too busy to play their stupid games even if we know the rules.

But the leftists have so broken the country that conservatives and even non-committed political people are getting in the game now.

You can only push people so far. 

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Normal people aren’t fine with people teaching their kids to be racists in their schools with Critical Race Theory.

Or allowing boys in girls bathrooms and locker rooms. 

Or covering up sexual assaults.

The Loudoun County School system in Virginia has been at the epicenter of all of that because they seem to have a school board full of leftist bullies who think they can do whatever they want with the children in their schools, parents be damned.

But parent have had enough and they are flooding the district with FOIA requests. 

FOIA stands for Freedom of Information Act. 

Individuals are legally allowed access to government records – emails, documents, etc. as long as they are not confidential or there are not privacy issues.

As a FOIA requester myself, the parents can expect delays, lots of redacting and large bills. 

Government workers love to pay games when they don’t want you to have information and they will make it hard for you to get records.

I used to FOIA animal shelters all the time and one of the counties decided to copy emails dozens of times and then charge me about $1K for their time and copy fees.

Not surprisingly, Breitbart reports that one FOIA requester has already been billed more than $36,000 for their request.

For information so important, I’m sure a Go Fund Me account could be set up to pay for the information and many of us would be willing to contribute.

However, that is not the point. 

These government people work for us and we pay taxes for them to exist. 

And they still charge us for doing work to give us public information.


But that’s the corrupt and self-serving governments that we live under.