Are you of of European descent? Well, you’re a rapacious slaver, genocidal maniac, and despoiler of the planet. A male? Make that with knobs on. You’re a rapist, an oppressor, and a greedy capitalist pig.

Have you served in the American armed forces? Then you go around the world randomly killing anyone who stands in the way of American imperialism. Are you a happy mom and wife? You’re delusional. You are actually in sex slavery and nothing better then a badly paid maid. Did I forget anyone? Yes, actually I have. But back to them in a moment.

The above descriptions are nonsense, complete bosh. You knew that. But they are not to be taken as fact when they’re employed by the Left. They are to be taken as rationales for an unequal and unfair entitlement mentality that judges people collectively on race and gender and not as individuals capable of both good and bad, of excellence and mediocrity, of success and failure. If you fit the aforementioned criteria you are guilty and must be punished, so goes the Bolshevik/Democrat mantra. As such, others will take your place on the ziggurat of career advancement. Have a problem with that? Tough.

This works out very well for those we neglected to mention before. They are the legions given preferment because they pass a litmus test of pigment, nationality, gender, or preference in sexual partners. We used to call this bigotry. Now the Left calls it social justice. What about justice for all those who do not benefit from the entitlement circus? Well, who cares about them?

To be fair, it’s not like the Right doesn’t have its own issues. The modern populist ascendancy on the Right impugns a wisdom to the people, the common folk, to the masses, that just isn’t there and has never been there in the history of this or any other country. The plebs are a decent bunch, generally brave and freedom-loving, but wholly unsuited for a direct hand in government.

That’s why we are a republic, not a democracy. Though we employ democratic methods in our system. To expect the average Joe or Jill, concerned about family, sports and television, perhaps these days video games, to understand, much less make competent decisions on, government is more than a bridge too far. We rely on the elite for that. And that’s fine and dandy, the natural and proper way of things, unless the ranks of the elite have not been populated by merit, but by the PC hordes of the modern entitlement circus. Then, as the fictitious Arthur Jensen charged, “You have meddled with the primal forces of nature.” Not a smart move, as the beneficiaries will always be seen to he inherently incompetent and the victims of this blatant bigotry will not soon forget their injuries.