Whatever do you do if you are a democrat and you are destroying the economy and COVID-19 is a bigger threat than the year before?

What do you do when your policies aren’t working and your poll numbers are tanking?

Well, you use EVERYTHING you have to change the narrative – but everything the democrats have is Trump and only Trump.

So Twitter was awash in Trump hate on Wednesday night with the leftists posting about how Trump had COVID-19 before the 2020 debate with Biden and didn’t tell anyone.

This information was supposedly gleaned from a book coming out by former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows called “The Chief’s Chief.”

According to The Guardian and the Washington Post, they reported that the book outlines how Trump tested positive for COVID-19 right before one of the Biden debates as well as before Trump attended some rallies, press conferences and an event with Gold Star families.

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What most of the leftists didn’t mention is that Trump tested negative soon after that with a different test. The first test was done by an old model kit and so Trump was tested again by a more reliable Binax system and that test gave a negative result.

Trump issued a statement recently about the whole thing and said “The story of me having Covid prior to, or during, the first debate is Fake News. In fact, a test revealed that I did not have Covid prior to the debate.”

Meadows said the same thing when questioned about it during a TV interview on Newsmax. He said, “If you actually read the book the context of it, that story outlined a false positive. Literally he had a test, had two other tests after that that showed he didn’t have Covid during the debate. And yet the way the media wants to spin it is certainly to be as negative about Donald Trump as they possibly can, while giving Joe Biden a pass.”

But the fake news story was a big deal to the democrats because they knew they could use it to their advantage as spin with some other issues.

Psaki decided to use the information to go after republicans when discussing the shutdown of the government. 

Trump was, as usual, her sword even though he’s not currently in office because the democrats cheated their way into The White House.

Jen appeared to be having a preachy self-righteous moment at the microphone the other day when informing everyone that the republicans wanted to shut down the government, which would, of course, kill people and be the end of the world.

What the republicans were actually doing was taking a stand against the evil democrats putting funding for Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate in their bill.

Psaki, in her usual propagandist mode, whined that the republicans wanted the unvaccinated to be free to “infect their co-workers, our children, filling hospitals.”

Yes, we’re all about killing people. 

Darn, she figured it out.

Democrats are really sick people and Psaki is right at the top of the sickness pile.

She continued to lecture the republicans by bringing up the Trumpster’s name. She said, “no one should be surprised that currently in Congress, as we’re looking at the government staying open you have supporters of the former president who withheld information, reportedly, about testing positive, and appeared, apparently, at a debate…”

Why all the “reported-lys” and “apparent-ly’s” Jen? 

Not willing to go out on a limb with your usual lies?

Trump received a positive Covid test three days after the debate with Biden, an infection that could have come out of the debate or anywhere else.

No one knows when and where Trump got infected but that doesn’t stop the democrats from demonizing him and other republicans to push their agenda.

Because the Senate needs unanimous consent to quickly pass the bill to fund the government by Friday, it’s possible that it won’t get done by their deadline if the republican Senators keep their spine, however unlikely that usually is.

Senator Chuck Schumer went along with the party line by saying, “Let’s be clear, if there is a shutdown, it will be a Republican, anti-vaccine shutdown.”

I have no problem with that. 

I at least expect Senators Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz to stand strong on getting rid of the vaccine mandate funding even if the rest of the RINOS cave.

It’s a game of chicken and we will have to wait and see who wins.