Don’t let the democrats fool you. They aren’t about helping low income students pay back their student debt or wiping it out all together. They’re about helping themselves pay their own student loans back – and they’re about buying votes.

In an actual fair world, everyone would be responsible for their own student loans. That’s how the real world works. You get a job, you get a loan, you get two jobs, and maybe you go to school for six years intend of four because that’s what you can afford.

You are responsible for your own life.

It was YOUR decision, not mine, to go to the school you wanted to go to and get the degree you wanted to get. 

I shouldn’t have to pay for anyone else’s decisions but my own.

When I decided to get a graphic design degree, I applied for a grant, I went to a community college and paid for the extras myself. It’s called being an adult.

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But democrats don’t want to be an adult or be responsible.

Democrats want EVERYTHING paid for from cradle to grave – paid family leave, free pregnancy care, free child care, expanded child tax credits, free food, free college, free everything.

And now we have democrat and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s hubby, Chasten, whining about having to pay his student loan back after the student loan relief from the COVID-19 pandemic ends at the end of January next year.

He tweeted the notice he received to pay up that said “you’ll soon receive a bill from your student loan service.”

Chasten tweeted, ”LOL no thank you Merry Christmas next.”

I wonder why he can’t afford it. Pete makes $220K. According to Forbes, Pete and Chasten have a combined worth of at least $750,000.

While running for president, Buttigieg made big bank – he made more than $1 million while he (and his husband) used his fame to sell three books, had paid speaking engagements, hosted a podcast, and sold their South Bend home for $310,000.

Why should I have to pay for Chasten’s schooling at the three schools he went to (one of which he flunked out of). 

Instead of having me pay for his choices, him and Pete can sell their $415,000 lake house in Traverse City, Michigan.

It’s my wallet, my choice. And I choose NOT to subsidize other people’s college degrees.

These rich democrats can pony up and fulfill the contract they signed to pay back their loan.