The democrats have never cared about making America great, better or even keeping things at status quo. 

If they can’t destroy the economy, take away our freedoms or trample on the constitution, they are not happy people.

The global warming fraud was started by greedy people like Al Gore who saw it as a fantastical way to make money with climate offset money i.e. taxing everyone for emitting carbon dioxide.

Yes, we actually breathe out carbon dioxide in order to survive but I digress…

The leftists have used the global warming climate change fraud in America and other countries to try to rule over us even more than they do now. 

It’s really the golden goose for politicians to enrich themselves and control every aspect of their economies.

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You would think, by looking at the media push, that everyone was on board with this climate change fraud and everyone has been scared silly into agreeing with the leftists to do something about it.

But you would be wrong. The only people who care about climate change are the leftists.

In a recent Monmouth poll that shows just how much Biden sucks (and it’s a lot), it was revealed that only 2% of Americans rank climate change as a top priority.

In a sane world, that would stop the Build Back Better legislation in its tracks. Not to mention the billions of dollars of grant money and payoffs going to the democrats’ leftist green energy friends and family. It would stop all of the regulations on our energy production. It would re-start our coal plants and reinstate oil drilling everywhere in our country so we can be energy independent again.

But the democrats will continue to govern against the will of the American people. It’s what they do and it’s nothing new. It’s business as usual.