You might think that NYC Mayor de Blasio’s new vaccine mandates are going to cause chaos and unrest in NYC and you might be right. 

But just as concerning to New Yorkers is the impending cream cheese crisis and what effect that will have on their bagels.

Bagels are a big business in New York City and cream cheese is a huge part of that.

Scallion cream cheese, sriracha honey, onion & chive, smoked salmon, honey walnut, garden veggie and many more varieties to choose from are usually on the menu.

Unlike any other time in history, there is currently a cream cheese shortage in NYC which is making bagel shops and bagel lovers freak out.

Pedro Aguilar, manager of Pick-a-Bagel says, “This is bad. This is very bad.” Some bagel shops are already out of cream cheese. Others are days away from running out.

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Joseph Yemma, owner of F&H Dairies in Brooklyn, said he’s never been out of cream cheese in 30 years.

Yes, but we’ve never lived under the Obama-Biden-Harris inept and corrupt presidential administration before.

Biden supply chain problems have been causing havoc all over the country, creating shortages and astronomical price hikes on all kinds of products. 

Meat, liquor, Chick-Fil-A sauce, glass, and now cream cheese are all becoming a luxury under democrat rule.

Schools are unable to get utensils and tomato soup for lunches.

Christmas presents are backordered.

Labor shortages, a lack of truck drivers, vaccine mandates, the government paying people to stay home, child tax credits…democrats are the party of rationing and a lower standards of living and now it’s affecting the bagel lovers. 

A rising tide doesn’t lift all boats under the democrats. All boats sink.

And no one is going to be able to eat a bagel with cream cheese as our boats descend into the bottom of the Biden ocean.