COVID-19. It’s the end of the world. Get vaccinated, stand six feet apart and wear a mask – or you will die.

That’s the mantra constantly coming from the democrats and their sycophants in the media.

Only they don’t actually believe it themselves. It’s just a way to control everyone and continue to use mail in ballots to win elections. 

Death is a small price to pay for democrats to win elections and they’re willing to pay it. If they weren’t, they’d close the borders. It’s that easy.

And if they were actually wanting to end the pandemic, they’d be doing real experiments and testing and data collection. They are not. 

Do we know how many people (without a vaccine) have gotten COVID-19 twice? No.

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Has our food supply been tested for COVID-19? No.

There are plenty of scientific experiments and studies that should be going on and none of them are being done.

The democrats have always been liars and frauds but the pandemic has spotlighted what truly repulsive people they are.

They haven’t relied on actual science for anything they have done during the pandemic and have only used the virus for political opportunity.

They’re doing it right now with the Omicron variant which, with the little data we have, appears to be more spreadable but less virulent. 

Comparably, the Omicron could be a better variant to get infected with instead of Delta. However, with the democrats, it’s the end of the world again and we will get no truthful information from them.

All you need to know about the democrats and their REAL thoughts on the virus can be learned by watching their behavior.

They will lecture us and come up with rules but they don’t adhere to the rules themselves. They are special.

Just last weekend, we saw President Disaster at a gathering inside of a Nantucket store walking around maskless. A photo was taken of him behind glass and there was a sign that laughably said “Required – Face Coverings.”

Maybe we missed the asterisk on the sign that said *except Joe Biden.

On Monday the 29th, he gave a speech indoors without a mask in order to tell us that we need to wear a mask indoors.

Then we have his wifey Jill reading to second-grade children at an event at The White House. To no real surprise to anyone, she’s maskless. Some great examples the Biden’s are to adults and kiddos all across America.

Rules for thee and not for me has been the slogan for the democrats since the pandemic began and continues to this day.

That’s because they know their pandemic rules aren’t medical or scientific.

They are political.