Joe Manchin, currently Democrat Senator of West Virginia, is the number one enemy of the vast majority of the Democrat Party, who are authoritarian socialists. As this writer predicted last year, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema hold the power of the Senate in their hands. They are the two of the most important people in DC. Manchin tops that short list.

By refusing to vote for the BBB Biden budget, Manchin signaled as such on Sunday, he stops myriad socialist and PC programs the Democrats have been thirsting after for years. The Squad, Sanders, the press, all the usual leftist suspects, are calling for his head on a platter this Monday morning. Biden is playing it smart, refraining from ad hominem attacks in the hopes of a deal with Manchin next year. One highly placed Democrat this writer talked to said what was on the minds of many DC Democrats, “He may as well be a Republican.” Indeed

True, it is amusing watching Democrats have breakdowns when Manchin and or Sinema trash their Senate majority. The fetching Sinema especially knows how to put the stiletto in the right place. And the Left has made it a personal grudge match for them both by harassing them off the Hill.

But Manchin is the guy who killed the BBB and thus the advice to switch is probably better turned his way. But why? Two factors stand out. One, West Virginia is a massively red state. Two, it is also one of the biggest states for Trump. Moves like the BBB kill will keep West Virginia happy with Manchin. To a point. However, he won election to a full term in 2018 with just under 50 percent of the vote. That is a very uncomfortable number for a Democrat in a Trump state.

That means Manchin will be up for reelection in 2024, a year that could be a modern 1980, putting a conservative sun belt Republican governor in the White House. More popular senators than Manchin have been swept away by such tides. Thus it behooves him to get with the program now, be on the winning side in 2022, establish his GOP bonafides, and cruise to reelection in 2024.

He’d get a big price, like a major committee chairmanship, for jumping ship, as the Republicans would then have a majority. His state would have no problem with it and he’d probably clear 53 percent in reelection. Sure, the Dems would make him a very big target. But, in West Virginia? They would fail miserably and Manchin would be set for a while.

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Manchin has gone south on the Dems before. He also helped kill the Democrat election rigging gambit and has been excellent on turning down wild Marxist Dem nominations to the bench and to federal agencies. His voting record would likely stay just about the same, save some John L. Lewis-like votes on labor relations. So the case is there for Manchin. It’s a win/win for the good guys and a punch in the throat to the Squad and Bernie Sanders. What’s there not to like?