Term limits are one thing that most republicans and democrats can agree on. The people want their politicians serving a lot less time, not more. But since the politicians are in charge of the rules, that will never happen.

Politicians want to make sure that they can serve as long as possible to be able to keep their power and wealth – and get more of both in the future.

Michigan democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently signed a bill to give their county commissioners two-year terms instead of four beginning after the November 2024 general election.

So now if voters in Michigan don’t like their local county commissioners, they are stuck with them for a much longer time period.

The legislation was supported by both democrats and republicans (of course it was) in the Michigan House and Senate and snuck by with voters knowing nothing about it until after it was signed.

The bill, SB 242, was sponsored by Sen. Ed McBroom, a republican, and passed 32-4 with all democrats voting yes and only four republicans voting against it: Barrett, Horn, Runestad and Stamas.

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Have you noticed that voting on legislation is usually bipartisan when it has to do with politicians giving themselves and other politicians more money and power – whether it’s extending their time in office, getting more pay or using more of our money for their spending. 

Need to raise the debt ceiling? No problem. That’s bipartisan. 

Is the government going to “shut down”? Of course not. They all vote to keep the money flowing.

Yes, money and power unites all politicians against the people they are supposed to represent.