We live in a scared country. Granted, much of the fear is confined to our elites. They are conditioned to fear at our most prestigious colleges and universities. Those who program them need them afraid, as those living in fear are much easier to manipulate. But it is not totally confined to our worst and dumbest.

The spectres of virus and climate change prowl the national savanna searching for weak souls to ensnare even though actual evidence mitigates against fear of those things and points to legitimate concern over other subjects.

The virus. What’s the latest scam? Ah yes, the Omicron variant. Wonder how long it took the boys and girls at HHS to come up with the not so very scary sounding name of that? Really. Couldn’t we at least be under the black plague-like thrall of the Emperor Ming Death Flu or the Atomic Blood Infection? But no. We are told to cower over a wuss named disease that still has the regular COVID-19 recovery rate of over 97 percent.

So logically, except for cases of serious susceptibility, we should just blow off this made up bogeyman and get on with our lives. However, the Left can’t have that. This is such a perfect little agent of control. It brings out the nasty school marm in many and assures that nanny state minions will have a field day telling the rest of us what to do. So they fill our days and our public spaces with Stakhanovite exhortations to get with the program, lest…well…lest something bad really happen! But it won’t. A fake fear inducing real restrictions.

Another one of the Left’s gambits into control through fear is the climate scam. Since the early 1970s we’ve heard, from Paul Ehrlich and the like, all manner of Chicken Little predictions about the fate of the planet. None of it has happened. Not a one.  Remember Al Gore telling us twenty years ago that we ought to be so afraid of global warming? The polar ice caps will melt by now? Then, when that didn’t happen, climate change was the new marketing gimmick. How stupid do you really have to be to buy into a concept that has never been right? But the Left, like Charlie Brown looking at a football held by Lucy, keeps on believing no matter what the evidence to the contrary. Well, some of the Left. There are those leftists who know exactly what is going on, but who will not turn down a good imaginary crisis when they see it.

What we should be worried about, the Orwellian cast of our culture and the increasing stupidity and thus vulnerability to demagogues of our voters, are cast aside in the onrush of fear over the false frights of COVID-19 and climate change. Will we ever learn not to be so gullible? No.