The mRNA technology of delivering the COVID-19 vaccines in both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were tried (tested) on humans for the first time with the COVD-19 vaccines.

We have no studies on what these kind of vaccines will do to anyone long-term and especially what they will do to people who keep taking them over and over again.

With the amount of COVID-19 cases around the world and in our country happening because of breakthrough infections, I think it’s time to take a serious look at these vaccines and ask some questions.

We’ve had more COVID-19 cases after the vaccines came out than before and vaccines. 

Doesn’t anyone find that to be a little odd? Doesn’t anyone have any sort of curiosity about this?

Well, the government certainly doesn’t. All they have been doing is mandating these failing vaccines.

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At this point, it’s time to question whether it’s just a matter of the vaccines failing or if the vaccines are actually CAUSING people to test positive for COVID-19 – and there are two possibilities I am talking about in regard to this…

Are the vaccines somehow turning against us and causing infection?


Are the vaccines causing our COVID-19 tests to show up as positive cases?

I have been thinking that either of these two things might be possible for a while but a recent report about an outbreak on one of our Navy ships that has happened among 100% immunized sailors pushed me to write this article.

The government (of course) will not tell us how many Navy shipmen and women got the virus or how many are experiencing systems.

That is because the Biden administration is the most transparent ever, right, and only deal in science and facts.

From the beginning of the release of these vaccines, I wrote about how the studies that were done to get the vaccines approved made it apparent that they didn’t prevent infection or spread. And that wasn’t after four months or six months of getting them – that was from the get-go. 

They were basically developed as a therapeutic to keep people out of the hospital – to keep people from getting a bad case of the virus and dying.

There are very few people talking about the increased number of reported infections after the vaccines, however I did find a report about an interview in a French documentary “Hold-Up” with Fresh virologist, Luc Montagnier, who got a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008 for discovering HIV. 

In the interview, Montagnier claims that the COVID-19 vaccines are creating new variants in different parts of the world. 

He thinks the ongoing vaccinations everywhere are an “enormous mistake.”

The fake fact-checkers including the ones used by Facebook went out immediately to discredit him. 

Is that because these people have also gotten a Nobel prize or have a medical degree or did any actual investigations? No.

Can they answer questions about whether the instructions that the mRNA vaccines carry in our bodies can become flawed or change over time? No.

Do they know if our bodies are only reacting to the mRNA instructions and not the real virus? No.

The leftists continue to censor any discussions on the virus and the vaccines because they have other agendas and have no interest in entertaining any discussions about things they know nothing about.

We have “breakthrough” cases all over the place and an uncurious media who censors any discussion on what’s going on.

In order to solve this crisis, we will need more speech, not less. More questions, not less.

And we need transparency, which The White House is obviously totally against.

There are many questions about the mRNA vaccines that aren’t even being asked, let alone answered and that’s a big concern during a pandemic.

We need more questions, more studies, more experiments, more data, more discussion and truthful statistics to look at.

Not a government hiding information and a media censoring free speech.

And with all of the at-home tests being sent out by the government, we’ll have even less truth with all of those unreported results – so we certainly have our work cut out for us.