You might still be under the impression that Barack Obama is the messiah. After all, he was reported as such quite frequently before, during and after his presidency.

Even Common Core Math lessons for children incorporated this message into their teachings with a lesson plan which incorporated the book “Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope” where he’s depicted “as nothing short of a messianic figure” according to Investor’s Business Daily.

And during the Soul Train Awards show in 2012, comedian/actor Jamie Foxx told a cheering crowd, “first of all (give) honor to god, and our lord and savior Barack Obama.”

Obama himself even told us that he would slow the rising sea levels and heal the planet. 

He was some guy. 

Super human. Actually, not human at all according to the democrats.

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Messianic. God-like. Righteous. Even “clean” as Biden has said.

But it looks like poor Barack has been demoted because according to the Catholic University of America in Washington DC, criminal George Floyd, is now the messiah.

They have been displaying a painting of George Floyd as Jesus in a piece called “Mama” in two locations on their campus. It shows George Floyd being held by the Virgin Mary like the depictions of when Christ was taken down from the cross.

The art was actually painted last year but the Daily Signal recently published an article about it appearing at the catholic university and the story has gone viral.

According to the Daily Signal article, the artist, Kelly Latimore, has indicated that the painting depicts both Floyd and Jesus.

And even though the college is trying to distance themselves from the Floyd reference, they have had their own description on the painting that says, “Following the violent death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, Latimore created this icon in June of that year.”

So the statement they released recently seems like a lie when they say “there are those who would like to see George Floyd as the male figure in the icon. That is not how we read it…”

Seems like a Catholic Church would be the last kind of place that would honor blasphemy but that is how the new leftist woke Catholic religion seems to be operating lately.

A student who is a junior at the college summed it up pretty well in an email to the Daily Signal when they said, “it is just another symptom of the liberalization and secularization of our campus.”

I would agree since this whole episode depicts both lying and blasphemy.

Maybe someone should paint that.