Yes, there are actually news reports about how gas prices are down for the first time in 14 weeks. A whopping 3¢.

The leftist media who act as the publicity arm of the democrat party like News Center Maine say that gas prices are down a “lot.”

A lot. 3¢. LOL.


If you have a gas-guzzling SUV like the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a big 24.8 gallon tank, you save 74¢ this week!


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What are you going to do with the massive savings that the oil producing terrorists in the Middle East have given you after increasing their oil production on December 2nd?

Will you use it to chip into your bacon fund? Will you use the money to fill up your propane tank an extra teaspoon? 

With food prices at a 10-year high, you can surely add that 74¢ to your grocery cash and get another bottle of water or a half of a Hostess cupcake.

And the idiots in the media have Biden’s back, of course, and are trying to pretend like the Omicron and the falling gas prices have something to do with each other instead of high gas prices having to do with anything that Biden has done since cheating his way into office.

Geez…Why not blame it on people who wear pink underwear or horse sneezes? 

Prices were going up long before the fraudulent push of Omicron came along.

Let’s see… when did they start to go up? 

Oh, yeah… after Biden became president.

A coincidence, I’m sure.