I know. This is definitely an emergency.

Two things I definitely can’t live without are bacon and french fries.

Bacon is astronomically expensive but it’s still available so I’ve been working overtime lately to afford a few pounds.

However, now we are learning that french fries are in short supply.

Luckily, it’s in Japan and not in America but is this a harbinger or things to come?

Say it ain’t so.

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The rationing of french fries is NOT a good thing.

The Japanese people are only allowed to buy orders of small fries at McDonald’s because there is a shortage which is being blamed on the supply chain crisis due to the pandemic and also a flood in Canada where they receive their fries from.

I would have to buy two or three orders of small fries to make up for an order of large fries but I am sure they have limits. 

In that case, I’d need to send in my husband and a few friends to get some extra fries for me. Maybe find a french fry dealer to meet with on the sly to get me my slices of potato heaven from Mickey D’s.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Luckily the rationing is only reported to run from December 24th through the 30th but who’s going to show up at McDonald’s when you can only get like 40 fries instead of 85?

If the Japanese can’t find a french fry dealer to help them out, I’m guessing that BK will soon be seeing a lot of faces in potato despair.