West Virginia democrat Senator Joe Manchin has been holding up the Build Back Worse bill for a while now, not liking the cost of the bill, some of what is in it and its possible effect on inflation and our debt.

It is not news to anyone that he hasn’t liked the bill from the beginning. 

The democrats knew what they had to do to change the bill to get Manchin’s vote but were unwilling to do it. The radical progressives like AOC control the party and Pelosi either doesn’t want to – or can’t – rein them in.

Manchin went off the democrat reservation over the weekend, ruining Christmas for the democrats, when he told Fox News’ Brett Baier on Fox News Sunday that the bill was DOA when he said, “I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. I just can’t.”

Not surprisingly, the democrats went nuts and went after him.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki called Manchin a dishonest broker in her statement released over the weekend where she said his words represented a “sudden and inexplicable reversal in his position and breach of his commitments to the President and the Senator’s colleagues in the House and Senate.” 

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Failed presidential candidate and democrat Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said Manchin had no “guts” to stand up to the special interests.

Minnesota democrat REP and Squad member Ilhan Omar took it to another level, calling Manchin’s concerns about inflation and the pandemic “bullsh*t” and said Manchin can’t be trusted.

Drama queen AOC tweeted that “our entire democracy is on the line.”

The leftist Twitter trolls like actor Rob Reiner were also out in force trashing the senator. Reiner tweeted “I don’t remember marking my presidential ballot for Joe Manchin. He’s single handedly denying Americans environmental protections, pre-K, child care, affordable prescription drugs. If he kills voting rights, he will deny us democracy.”

Democracy? LOL. 

Reiner and AOC are anti-American leftists who don’t know (or reject) that our country is a representative republic with different branches of government. The people of West Virginia voted for Manchin and he is one of 100 senators. He’s not beholden to anyone but the people in his state.

So currently there are 51 (at least) senators against the leftist Build Back Worse bill and 49 for it.

That’s the democracy Reiner asked for – it’s just that he and the rest of the leftists won’t accept it.