An actor came down with COVID-19 before the performance of a Broadway show on Christmas Eve and one of the swings (understudies who learn different roles) had to take over with only five hours notice. 

Oh, the horror!

That’s why they have understudies and swings, I assume. To do the work the regular actors can’t do for whatever reason.

This horrible tragedy happened at the Broadway show “The Music Man” on December 24th when the leading lady tested positive for COVID-19. 

Kathy Voytko stepped into the role and got an unreasonable and ridiculous amount of praise from actor Hugh Jackman who said, “It humbles me. The courage it brings, the dedication, the talent…”

He continued to give accolades to the swings who are called upon to take over for COVID-19 positive actors, “Take it from me, real superheroes do not wear capes.”

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Give me a break. 

They are actors. Not doctors, teachers, pilots, police or firefighters.

The rest of us don’t get to have understudies.

Understudies and swings are supposed to be ready to take over when other performers can’t continue. That’s their job.

The organizers also called the swings “heroic.”

As usual, actors, and those around them, think they are more important than they are. 

They put themselves on the highest pedestal they can find. 

It’s why they became actors in the first place – to feed their egos.

Politicians are similar creatures. Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh used to call politics “showbiz for the ugly.”

It’s the same narcissist quest for power, fame and fortune.