“Merry Christmas to all. We will Make America Great Again!”

That was former President Trump’s Christmas message this year, released from his Save America PAC.

The Trump-hating democrats and Never Trumpers went nuts and everyone (even some on Fox News) started speculating if this was a message about him running for president again.

The obsession with Trump, and the quest to destroy him, never stops. Not even on Christmas.

The lunatics on the left are totally incapable of taking a break from their Trump hatred (and everyone associated with him), even during Christmas and Trump haters were all over Twitter during the holiday weekend.

Around 10:30 on Christmas nite, the unhinged Bette Midler celebrated a story about Trump-supporting Alex Jones wife, attacking him and calling Jones a jackass.

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Leftist Barbra Streisand went after republican Jim Jordan on Christmas Eve, tweeting “Donald Trump gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rep Jim Jordan days after the attempted coup. Will the Select Committee investigating find out questioning Jordan about his role?”

The Lincoln Project’s Joe Trippi tweeted out a promo on Christmas about the war on democracy in the left’s never-ending crusade to push the January 6th event as an insurrection.

And, of course, the always consistent S.V. Date who is a White House correspondent at the Huffington Post and writer of a hit piece on a dog rescue because they had a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, couldn’t stop his Trump-hating tweets on Christmas either, tweeting about Trump trying to overthrow the republic on January 6th (basically his only topic any day of the week).

But it’s not just celebrities and other leftist individuals spreading Trump hate during the holidays. MSNBC tweeted out “What it takes for Donald Trump to get booed by his own followers” around 11 pm on Christmas Eve along with several other anti-Trump stories.

I saw a meme over the weekend with a photo of Trump that said “Imagine hating someone because they want to improve your life.”

But that’s just the problem. The leftists don’t want improvement. They can’t retain their power and wealth if Americans have improvement in their lives. And so their hatred and destruction of Trump continue 24/7 every day of the year.