Democrats don’t like being exposed as sexual predators and in true Hillary Clinton fashion, Chris Cuomo, brother of disgraced NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, decided to help his bro by going after the women who alleged that Andrew is a sexual deviant.

Chris Cuomo, the now suspended CNN journalist, had told the public and CNN that he had minimal involvement with his brother’s legal issues, only giving a little advice here and there in order to help Andrew defend himself against allegations of sexual harassment.

However, it was recently revealed by new documents that Chris Cuomo was actually a close consultant in helping his brother to defend against the sexual misconduct allegations. He was an integral part of Andrew’s defense plans.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is the one who recently released the documents that included interview transcripts and text messages showing Chris was instrumental in working on a defense message for his brother.

Chris also used connections with the press to help his brother’s team fight accusations as they came out.

According to the docs, Chris helped shape the defense with a high level of involvement, violating journalistic norms.

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Who knew CNN had any journalistic norms or morals?

So what exactly was the defense strategy? Well, it was to go after the accusers, of course.

It’s what democrats do.

It’s what Hillary did when her hubby Bill was exposed as a sex pervert and it’s what Chris obviously instructed Andrew’s staff to do as well.

The documents that were released show that Chris used his journalism sources to get information on the accusers.

We shouldn’t really be surprised by any of this. 

Democrats are not pro-woman or pro-minority or anything else they claim to be. They are pro democrat and pro democrat only in the real world.