Getting through another week means getting through another week of the democrats cheating and lying. 

They refuse to lose, they don’t ever give in and they don’t ever have anything positive to give the American people except BS piled on top of BS.

So when the Build Back Worse bill hit rough waters, the democrats lied and told everyone that it would cost nothing. And when the CBO score came it and showed that their bill could cost $3 trillion over the next decade, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said they scored a “fake bill.” 

No, Jen, everyone knows that the bill the House put forward is the thing that is actually fake – and will live into infinity – and cost us well over $3 trillion over time.

And then there’s the New York City Council who doesn’t want your votes to mean anything. The democrats laughably talk about voter disenfranchisement whenever republicans want to enforce voter integrity laws, but suppressing the votes of republicans is what the democrats are and have always been about, not caring about actual voter rights or access.

The City Council approved a bill that will expand the right to vote to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. Yes, they will be allowed to vote on local issues without being American citizens. Cheating to win elections? What a novel concept for democrats.

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And now that abortion issues are going to the Supreme Court, the democrats are in full panic mode. The democrats would like to cheat and pack the court with lots and lots of democrats because cheating is their go-to position on everything. 

But if that doesn’t work, intimidation is okay too. Recently, democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren (the unethical lying Pocahontas) came out endorsing the packing of the Supreme Court with a bunch of leftists in order to save our democracy. Her support to do this is an obvious attempt at intimidating the Justices.

And who could forget democrat House unintelligence committee chair and California REP, Adam Schiff, the liar who always promised to deliver the goods on Trump’s collusion with Russia that just never materialized? 

Lyin’ Schiff is back to his own games, this time altering text messages between Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and republican Ohio REP Jim Jordan.

The democrats haven’t fully destroyed Trump yet and that is what the January 6th witchhunt committee is all about. Trump must be taken down at all costs and what’s a little evidence doctoring if it serves a good purpose?

Lying and cheating. It’s the democrat way.