The Obama-Biden-Harris administration is still moving forward with trying to mandate a failing vaccine on businesses all over the country with 100 employees and more.

If they get their way and the mandate goes into effect January 22nd, the economy will be destroyed. And that’s not hyperbole.

Sure, the democrats will probably suffer massive losses in the November 2022 elections (if they aren’t allowed to cheat again), but we have to survive until that time.

One example of the economic destruction the mandate will bring is in the trucking industry.

CEO and American Trucking Association President, Chris Spear, appeared at a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing last Wednesday and warned them that more than 2.5 million truckers would quit if the vaccine mandate goes ahead.

In a country already having supply chain issues and a shortage of truck drivers, the coming mandate is going to cause havoc on our country. 

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But the democrats don’t care. They have never cared about the economic issues plaguing our country, as illustrated when Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg went on paternity leave for two months during one of the peaks of the supply chain crisis.

Emergency? What emergency?

There’s only an emergency when the democrats have falling poll numbers or get bad press. 

Then they have to have some fake plan with manufactured optics to make it look like things are improving when our own eyes tell us differently.

Spears said at the hearing that he did a sample survey of the drivers and “37 percent of drivers not only said ‘no’ (to getting the vaccine), but ‘hell no.'”

He continued to say that “over 80% of communities in this nation are exclusively dependent on trucks to deliver goods.”

I don’t think his trucking association realizes that the goal of the democrats is to get rid of his truckers and their trucks – and fossil fuel vehicles all together. 

Democrats have to do this in order to control the economy. This is one of their fantastical steps along the road to that plan.

Keep on trucking’???


To stop the trucking is the goal of the democrats.