Biden is compromised and there are many who have him by the short hairs – China, The Squad, Obama and every other country he’s made deals with over the years to enrich his family empire.

His laughable diplomatic boycott of the China Olympics is just another example of how he can’t push China back on anything that matters.

China is targeting our satellites. They’re working on a military base in the Atlantic Ocean. They were responsible for the pandemic. They’re involved in human rights abuses and genocide.

No matter. 

We put up with them because they are “working” with us on climate change. Everything is fine. So says Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry.

But even more importantly, they are enriching Biden’s family – so China will get no push back from Biden about anything.

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The new book “Laptop From Hell” by Miranda Devine, which outlines what was found on Hunter’s discarded laptop, clearly shows just how much Joe Biden is beholden to our enemies.

The book reports that Biden isn’t just sitting on the sidelines of Hunter Biden’s deals, he’s all in and has met with Hunter’s business partners. 

No, Joe is no innocent bystander and appears to have lied through his teeth about never talking with any of his family members about their business dealings. 

But you have to do things in person if you want to make bank.

Old greedy Joe was knee deep in Hunter’s deals and most likely still is. 

But why wouldn’t he be? Who’s going to stop him?

Biden is not just going along for the ride to help out his son. He’s providing the car and the map. Hunter wouldn’t have any deals without dear old dad.

Even before Devine’s book came along, author Peter Schweitzer had outlined the crimes of the Biden mob family and their deals all over the planet with his books like “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.”

Schweitzer documented how the Biden family has had many secret and lucrative deals with the Chinese government even though Hunter Biden had little to no experience in doing anything except dealing in drugs and prostitutes.

Schweitzer even discussed how one of Hunter’s firms invested in a company who was actively stealing nuclear secrets from our country.

But according to the media and the never-Trumpers who wanted Trump out of office at all costs, there is nothing to see here.

So what if Biden is compromised by deals and money, putting our national security at risk? That’s cool as long as Trump is gone.

The national media actually went as far as censoring the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop when it came out during the height of the election. They did what they had to do.

And as for present day, we are not allowed to ask any questions about what’s going on with Hunter’s business dealings.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki certainly doesn’t think that The White House has to answer any questions about Hunter or give any transparency about his involvement in anything. She pawned off the question to Hunter’s “representatives.”

And who might that be? Chinese businessmen or American prostitutes?