Sales tax, property tax, gas tax, income tax, death tax, payroll taxes, tax on benefits, capital gains taxes, cigarette taxes, gift taxes, taxes on your utilities and about a zillion other ways the government “legally” steals from us to redistribute money to their friends and spend it on their pet projects.

Taxes on what we earn, what we spend and what we own.

About ten years ago, I spent a few hours trying to figure out the money that the government steals from me on ALL the taxes I pay over a year. It was around 30-40%. I’m sure it’s much more now.

And the government doesn’t mind at all if that number is well above 50%.

According to the Tax Foundation, if the democrat reconciliation bill (Build Back Worse) goes through, the average top tax rate on personal income would rise to 57%.

It’s even worse in some states. New York is 66.2%, California is 64.7%. And that doesn’t even count the rest of the taxes they pay.

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The Build Back Worse bill also makes 30% of us in the middle class pay higher taxes, breaking President Disaster’s promise not to raise taxes on any households making less than $400,000.

These taxes come in the form of direct taxes, individual taxes and payroll taxes as reported by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center.

The tax code contains 74,608 pages according to the Washington Examiner. Of course that was in 2016. I’m sure it’s much longer now.

Governmental theft. 

The founders should have realized what governments are capable of and they should have put a combined limit on the theft of our money not to exceed 50%.

Because they didn’t, the government is getting more than half of the income of a large number of American citizens.

The pursuit of happiness is getting to be an unattainable quest under current tyrannical rule.