Yes, it looks like the democrats are going full steam ahead with their plans to continue to tank the economy and do nothing about inflation and rising energy and food prices.

And because their asinine policies aren’t working fast enough, they’re trying to get rid of even more workers by mandating vaccines, with threats coming from the government or their leftist business friends helping them push their agenda.

Last Wednesday in Baltimore, President Disaster finally noticed that gas prices are high and said, “Did you ever think you’d be paying this much for a gallon of gas?”

It’s kind of like Biden walking along and lighting all of the corn fields on fire and then pointing out that popcorn is expensive.

Everyone is always wondering if Biden is stupid or evil. The jury is out.

But don’t worry your pretty little head that Biden will get the blame for anything. His friends at Google made sure that if you do a search on the phrase “Biden high gas prices” you’ll find articles like these…

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Angry about gas prices? Blame Wall Street.

Why high gas prices are largely out of Joe Biden’s control.

Biden has few options to combat surging gas prices.

Democrats never take responsibility or blame for anything they do – especially when what they do causes the American people to suffer.

If anyone actually points out the economic problems, they tell us it’s our fault. We are to blame. Buy less stuff. 

Make do.

I work in a business that relies on having paper to do jobs for our customers and one by one, the paper we want is on back order, unavailable. So we move to the next available. And the next. And the next.

Will there be any paper available by February? 

I wonder how many things won’t be around next year because not only are the democrats NOT fixing anything, they don’t WANT to fix anything.

They live in a reality that is telling them that they can win elections and stay in power by telling us to “make do.”

Hopefully they will have a rude awakening come election time in November 2022.