Biden’s vaccination mandates for federal government employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine by November 22nd, just before Thanksgiving, is great timing. 

You would think that a political party that cares mostly just about optics and marketing would have waited a few days after the holidays for their deadline.

But instead, chaos is going to reign in the airline industry as people try to fly across the country to see their families.

And why exactly is the government even mandating a vaccine that’s proven not to work – to the extent that the government has to come out with boosters?

For control of us. Only for control.

Insanity truly reigns when democrats are in change. Common sense is out the window and is replaced by tyranny for tyranny’s sake.

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The TSA workers who are not vaccinated will be G-O-N-E soon and you will be waiting in long lines to get screened on your way to grandma’s house, if you are even able to get on a plane at all because there won’t be an unvaccinated pilot to fly your plane anymore.

A New York Post article has airline analyst Henry Harteveldt saying, “This is shaping up to be a miserable Thanksgiving holiday, at least for now, for airline passengers. Prepare for doomsday and be pleasantly surprised if it’s better than that.”

In addition to problems with travel, you get to pay lots and lots extra for your gas to drive to see your relatives too.

And your turkey and gravy and table settings and everything else you need for a happy holiday are going to cost you more. 

In fact, thanks to Biden and the radical and incompetent democrats, Thanksgiving will cost you more this year than any time in history.

Will the stores even have your Thanksgiving items or will there be a shortage of turkeys? Who knows. 

And you’re likely to be in long lines because of staffing shortages. I was ninth in line at PetSmart the other day. That was fun.

And what if something happens while you’re cooking your turkey? What if you have some sort of turkey accident? Will your hospital be staffed so that you can get treated in a timely manner or will the nurses and doctors be gone because of vaccine mandates? Who knows.

Will you even still have a job after refusing to get vaccinated because you have natural immunity?

And has Fauci even approved Thanksgiving yet?

Inquiring minds want to know.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING in Biden’s America.