I long for the days of mean tweets from President Trump at two-o-clock in the morning. 

At least I knew he was awake and alert and working. At least I knew he was capable of having the mental acuity to be president and solve a crisis.

Biden not so much.

Everyone sees it. 

What I DON’T see is much respect for Biden in other countries except from his leftist elitist buddies who don’t care that he’s a trojan horse for another Obama presidency. 

As long as Biden is a compliant and radical leftist, they are fine with him.

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The almost-79-year-old Biden could sleep through the whole presidency and the leftists wouldn’t care.

In fact, Sleepy Joe (boy did Trump nail that nickname!) tried to do that on Monday during the opening remarks of the very very important climate change summit in Glasgow. 

Luckily, an aide walked up to him and told him to wake the heck up.

Blunder after Blunder from Biden and his incoherent words and phrases have made him a joke across the planet. 

Rita Panahi of Sky News Australia had a segment last week called “What in God’s name is Joe Biden Trying to Say?”

After showing various segments with Biden’s incoherent words, she said, “This man needs a retirement home and a warm bowl of soup, not access to the nuclear codes. When he’s not making a fool of himself misreading auto-cues, Biden is making utterly incomprehensible decisions that further weaken the U.S.”

She also said that Biden’s inability to even speak clearly proves he is completely unqualified to deal with this crisis (border problem) or any others facing America and “he has no business being in the White House.”

That’s pretty much right on the money.

Most Americans agree. 

A new NBC poll shows that Biden’s job approval is sitting at 42% and only 22% of Americans think that the country is headed in the right direction, including an almost-majority of the democrats. 

Although to be fair, most democrats aren’t happy because they want more radicalism, more illegals coming through the border and more destruction of our capitalist system. 

The country is just not circling the drain quick enough for them.

But the most important part of the poll is the percentage of people who think Biden is competent enough to be president which is a dismal 37%. And 37% also don’t think he has the ability handle a crisis either.

Pay attention to polls like these and the fake news media starting to point out some actual truths here and there about what’s really going on in the country and you will figure out when the democrats have decided to boot Biden out of the Oval Office.