Remember the good old days when a field trip meant that your teacher would take you to a museum?

Yeah, those days are gone because museums are galleries of racism and white supremacy.

So instead of seeing great art or actually learning about the history of the United States, a leftist school board member in Broward County, Florida decided to take a group of kindergarten kids on a field trip to a gay bar and grill.

How does a school board member even get permission to be a chaperone of the field trip? Students don’t KNOW school board members and they usually don’t hang out in schools. They are “strangers” to these kids.

When I was in school (long ago in a land far far away), we went on field trips with our teacher, not some strange board member that we’d never met in our life. 

Who will be the next volunteer to take the kiddies on a field trip? The custodian at the school? A vendor from Coca Cola? The person who delivers the copiers?

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In this case, it was a chick named Sarah Leonardi, who is a radical LGBTQ advocate and she knows what is best for your kiddos. 

She’s active in the democrat party (surprise, right?) and has taken strong stances on her support of transgender athletes and mandatory masks in school (although the speaker at the bar and the four people behind him weren’t wearing them).

She was so proud of what she did that she posted photos of the trip on Facebook and Twitter (without parental permission, I’m guessing) of the students. The photos showed Wilton Manors Elementary kids sitting inside and outside of Rosie’s Bar and Grill, a well-known LGBTQ hangout.

Leonardi told the South Florida Sun Sentinel, “As a school board member, I am committed to staying engaged with my community. I”m always proud to join classes for field trip and events, especially when our schools are connecting with the vibrant small businesses in my district.”

Not surprisingly, Leonardi has received death threats after her stunt. 

As many people learned in the Virginia governor’s election, you don’t mess with our kids.

Leonardi is being investigated by the state but we all know nothing will happen to her and she’ll keep her position. It’s how things go in the world of democrats.

The school defended the trip in a statement by saying that the kids were learning about neighborhood safety, community helpers and the importance of being a community member among other things. They said that the bar is close to the school (how nice) and wasn’t open to the general public when the kids were there and they ordered from a kid-friendly menu. 

Darn it. I guess they weren’t able to get Rosie’s “Ivana Hooker” or the  “Hellena Bun” or the “Young Ranch Hand.”

What field trips are planned next? Lap dances at a topless bar? A tour of a brewery? Maybe they’ll get to visit the local jail?

And what kind of idiotic parent signed a permission slip for their five-year-old child to go to a bar – gay or otherwise?