The race hustlers who call themselves the democrat party have no intention of governing a successful nation that Americans will benefit from.

They have decided that the Biden presidency is largely about righting the wrongs of perceived inequities. And the empty vessel of Joe Biden is the perfect puppet to do the dirty work of Obama and the rest of his radical mob.

The inequities that the democrat party are fighting against don’t even need to be REAL cases of bigotry or discrimination – or even be committed against themselves or anyone still alive.

It can be about anyone, anywhere, anything, anytime, real or imagined.

The democrats believe that fighting inequities will further speed up the transformation of the country i.e. destruction of capitalism as well as law and order so they can wield more control over everyone and, of course, get more power and money for themselves.

Do they care about solving the supply chain crisis?

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg cares about dealing with racist roads. And he quotes a history of racist roads that doesn’t even exist.

Do the democrats care about fixing actual infrastructure? 


The democrats decided that it was more important to hand out $3 billion (that’s a b) in “tree equity” in their fake infrastructure bill. 

The Transportation Department has actually said that addressing climate change and equity are top priorities. Not actual transportation issues. Or getting the ports up and running so that there aren’t more than 100 ships waiting to dock.

But that’s the same mantra of the Commerce Department as well. You would think they would be concerned about commerce especially with inflation and other financial problems plaguing our country. But no. They say they are “putting equity at the center of everything we do.”

Borders are open for the same reason – to make sure there is equity and “justice” for non-whites (no matter where they come from) – but mostly to get democrat votes in the future.

But in addition to illegal aliens, we also have to dole out equity for our own American lawbreakers as well.

In order to provide equity for criminals and would-be criminals, the democrats seized on the George Floyd killing and that morphed that into an assumption that all cops are bad and racist.

They came up with the “defund the police” mantra and Black Lives Matter has been in the streets ever since in their war on law and order and the police.

Their riots did a pretty good job of encouraging democrat politicians to get rid of as many of the police officers as possible in addition to getting rid of cash bail and allowing criminals all over the country to get away with crimes, pushing a lawless society on the rest of us. 

Black Lives Matter was instrumental in this plan, also offering much assistance to help the feckless Biden win the election.

And, of course, we know all about critical race theory, or “education equity” and other different phrases that democrats are using to make people think they aren’t teaching actual racism.

Then there’s the “woke” Biden military. They seem to care more about the troops using the correct pronouns and having diversity programs than they do with the actual defense of our country or protecting Americans. Afghanistan was an example of that.

Energy also has to be dealt with on equity terms. The indigenous people don’t like the LS pipeline in Michigan so it must be stopped. 

So it appears to anyone paying attention that equity is 99% of what the government is working on every day as opposed to governing the country and actually running their departments in any kind of sane and efficient way.

And you don’t have to take my word for it – or even your own eyes and ears.

It comes right out of the White House where Biden signed an Executive Order to direct every agency across the federal government to address the lasting impacts of systemic racism on black communities.

What would be nice is to see Biden sign an executive order that says something about using the government to secure our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness instead of actually working to abolish all three things, using the government as a weapon – but hey, then he’d be a republican.