FREIGERICHT, GERMANY – A choir concert held in Freigericht that only allowed either fully vaccinated guests or those who could provide evidence that they’d been previously infected and fully recovered from COVID had resulted in at least 24 people in attendance becoming infected with COVID.


This choir concert reportedly barred guests from attending even if they could provide a negative COVID test, due to operating under the 2G rules that only allowed either the fully vaxxed or previously recovered from COVID crowd from attending such a venue.

Germany-based news outlet Hessenschau noted in their reporting that the district had upped the confirmed cases linked to the event to 24 as of November 9th, having previously under-estimated the confirmed cases.

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“More people were infected than previously known: As the district announced on Tuesday afternoon, at least 24 people tested positive. Previously, it was assumed that 18 participants and guests were infected, but it had not been ruled out that even more people were infected.”

What this all boils down to is that even operating the event under the 2G rules, which a majority of attendees were fully vaccinated and others having been previously infected with and recovered from COVID, an outbreak still occurred.


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Despite this reality, and in the midst of a COVID outbreak in Germany, scientists, doctors, and politicians are advocating for the same 2G guidelines to be implemented across the country, rather than 3G rules that allow for a negative test.

This means that vaccinated individuals who could still transmit the virus will be allowed to live their lives seemingly normally, but unvaccinated people who can literally prove they don’t have COVID and hence can’t spread it will be effectively expelled from society.

While the assertion of the unvaccinated being expelled from society may come off as overly hyperbolic, it’s not that far off in terms of Germany’s response to COVID. Reports note that unvaccinated individuals will be banned from visiting well-known Christmas markets.

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Regardless of the fact that the events will take place outside, officials have approved rigorous entry criteria for the festivities, with individuals who have not received the vaccine being turned away.

Despite being offered the option to be more liberal and enable guests to provide a negative COVID test result, both the WeihnachtsZauber market at Gendarmenmarkt and the Weinachtsmarkt at Roten Rathaus have announced that they will implement the tightest restrictions.

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on November 10, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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