America will put up with a lot. But an alcohol shortage isn’t one of them and could end up being Biden’s undoing. Things could get ugly fast.

The supply chain issues have led to booze shortages in Vermont, New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina,Virginia, and Pennsylvania and other states – and is leading to rationing.

According to an NPR report, The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is limiting customer to two bottles of certain kinds of alcoholic beverages per day, including Hennessy Cognac and Buffalo Trace bourbon. There are limits and shortages in other states as well.

Democrats really shouldn’t mess with people’s alcohol and drinking. 

We revolted over tea and we didn’t take prohibition well. 

Governments need stay out of the way when it comes to people getting the drinks that they want.

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Apparently staying at home and getting lots of money from the government (including those child care tax credits) is leading to a lot of alcohol buying, especially the high-end and super-premium products.

According to NPR, it’s a problem at every end of the supply chain. 

Glass bottles can’t be found; the cost of imported liquor has shot up because of increases in international shipping costs; a shortage of truck drivers causes the booze to not get delivered to bars and restaurants and other vendors. And there continues to be staffing shortages.

The pandemic started some of the issues but David Ozgo, chief economist of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, says it’s gotten worse over the past year.

Hm…. who’s been president most of that year???