Stores live on marketing and advertising to sell their products just like the democrat party.

And just like the democrat party who used every trick in the book to cheat to win Biden the presidency, it looks like stores need to cheat a little too.

Don’t let that bag of Cheetos fool you. 

It might just be styrofoam painted in orange.

And are you REALLY seeing a bottle of wine or is it water???

According to Inside Edition, some stores are putting out fake food and fake products on their shelves so that they don’t appear empty.

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Shopping expert Phil Limpet says they’re doing it so that you don’t think there are shortages and you don’t panic and start hoarding toilet paper again. Or anything else.

They’re also using posters of products. Pictures of things on shelfs instead of real products on shelves.

It’s a mirage. 

It’s NOT really there. 

Just like Biden.

Other stores are spreading out their goods – putting a few products out front but there’s not much behind them. 

Again, just like Biden. 

Out in front but not much behind the facade.

The same could be said for our inept Dept of Transportation Secretary, the great Pete Buttigieg, who thanks to his stellar leadership has now got a record 179 ships floating around at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach waiting to unload.