It’s the age-old question – are elected (and appointed) democrats in our government evil liars – or incompetent?

I think it’s both but I give evilness a higher weight. So I would say that most of them are 60% evil liar and 40% incompetent.

It’s probably because most of them are lawyers. We have mostly attorneys running the government. It’s a disgusting state of affairs.

You would think that these lawyers would be an asset to us, as they understand  laws and precedent and should have a firm grasp on the Constitution.


They use their legal education to our detriment. 

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They use it against us by writing up language in legislation in order to get power and money for themselves, their family and friends and their political allies. 

They parse their words when questioned. 

They feign ignorance when caught in lies, corruption and moral depravity.

Our top attorney, leftist Attorney General Merrick Garland, is a prime example of this.

If you missed republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley questioning Biden’s wingman Attorney General Garland last week, you really missed a whopper.

First of all, Hawley pointed out that because of Garland’s memo to go after outspoken parents at school board meetings, the Attorney General of Montana sent out a his own memo outlining 13 ways to go after parents for federal crimes. 

This Montana memo targets the parents who are showing up at school board meetings and making calls and sending emails because they are against mask and vaccine mandates, the indoctrination of critical race theory in schools and letting guys in their daughters locker rooms and bathrooms among other things that they disagree with.

The outrageous Montana memo says that parents can be targeted and arrested for things like making annoying and repetitive phone calls, using the internet to cause emotional distress and participating in false information and hoaxes.


Yes, seriously. Serious issues by unserious democrats.

The Montana memo specifically states that it was sent out as a result of the Garland memo that instructed law enforcement to use every resource that they have to target the domestic terrorist parents who dare to question their local school boards.

Leif Johnson, the Acting United States Attorney in Montana, sent the memo to all county attorneys and sheriffs and said it was in response to the “nationwide rise of threats and acts of violence against our educational community.” 

Johnson also said that it was sent out because Garland directed the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys to partner with federal, state, local and tribal leaders to address the problem. It was pursuant to the Attorney General’s directive.

Hawley was, obviously, incensed over both memos and even more incensed when Garland pretended that he knew nothing about the Montana memo even though it was sent out on U.S. Department of Justice letterhead.

Garland said that he had never seen the Montana memo and Hawley commented “that’s what concerns me.”

Hawley went on to say, “All I can conclude form this is either that you’re not in control of your own department or that more likely what I think to be the case is that you knew full well that this is exactly the kind of thing that would happen. When you issued your memo, when you involved the Department of Justice and all of its resources, and the FBI and all of its resources, and local school boards and local school districts, you knew that federal prosecutors would start collecting crimes that they could use against parents (to be prosecuted.) You knew that that was the likely outcome. And that’s exactly what’s happened.”

Garland’s original memo to target parents was a result of the National School Board Association and the White House colluding on a letter that was sent to Garland to go after the “unruly” parents who want to be the ones who decide what goes on in their local schools. 

The democrats can’t have THAT sort of thing. 

They must be in charge of, as Rush Limbaugh used to call it, “little skulls full of mush.” 

The leftists MUST be able to mold the young children into compliant democrats.