Yes, the global elitist leftists who are meeting at the climate change conference right now in Glasgow (most flying there in CO2 emitting jets) are not satisfied enough to try to rid you of your greenhouse gas-emitting cars and trucks.

They also want to get rid of your furniture, paper and the building of any more houses.

100 global leaders, representing 85% of our planet’s forests, have pledged to end deforestation by 2030. 

They don’t seem to think the world needs paper. But what about medical journals that doctors need? Invoices? Receipts when you go shopping? What about all of the paperwork that the government makes us fill out? What about the millions of pages of legislation that Congress passes?

I guess FedEx won’t be able to ship anything because their labels will be gone – and Staples will be going out of business – and all of the copy and printing shops across the world. And Hallmark Cards.

And signs and calendars and printed photos and directions and bags for your pills and bags for your groceries and coupons and school notebooks and product labels and books and the ability to write anything on a piece of paper and just about everything you see in our stores.

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And what about all of the things that are made of wood components? Those will be gone too.

Bath towels. Toothpaste. Nail polish and makeup. Disinfecting wipes (can you say PANDEMIC??!). Paint. 

And medications.

Sorry, but it looks like the leftists are still on their path to destroy the world, this time by ridding the planet of anything made of trees.

The pledge, which Biden agreed to, demands “transformative further action” and he said that “preserving forests and other ecosystems can and should play an important role in meeting our ambitious climate goals.”

2030 is only nine years away in their plan to destroy the world as we know it. And they want to spend $19 billion doing it (all going to friends and constituents I’m sure).

Along those lines, the governments at the climate change conference promised “support for small holders, indigenous people and local communities, who depend on forests for their livelihoods and have a key role in their stewardship.”

$1.7 billion will be given directly to indigenous people and local communities (IPLCs) in recognition of their key role in protecting the planet’s lands and forests.

So this looks like another slush funds for leftist collaborators.

So whether the destruction of the planet actually happens or not through leftist policies is not necessarily of any consequence to some of the leftists as long as everyone gets paid along the way.