The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (with hardly any money for infrastructure) that was just passed with the help of the RINOs in the House and Senate has language in it that easily allows businesses to outsource American jobs.

Remember the good old days of “America First” and “MAGA”?

Yeah, that doesn’t exist under democrat rule.

According to Breitbart, the legislation allows industries to bypass “Buy American” rules by issuing waivers to corporations to be able to work around Buy American requirements.

They can do it if the businesses don’t think the products meet “satisfactory quality” or are “inconsistent with the public interest” or if buying American will increase costs for the projects.

So that means 100% of the businesses who want them will get the waivers. 

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Hello more Chinese goods that will be sitting at ports not being offloaded.

Bye-bye American pie. 

And American everything else.

But really, you shouldn’t be buying anything to begin with. Since the democrats have f-ed up the supply chain and don’t’ want to take any responsibility for it, they are having all of their media friends blame us for the problem and they lecture us that we shouldn’t be buying stuff.

The leftist Atlantic says “stop shopping.” Stop buying so much “junk” you elitist American!

They say that the supply chain is “having a bad time.”

Yeah, like it just happened all by itself. 

It had nothing to do with the democrat-backed unions at the ports not allowing automation, the high gas prices, the staff shortages caused by democrat handouts, tyrannical COVID-19 policies or any other democrat BS that went on.

We are told that we should re-evaluate our lives.

Shame on all of us for buying clothes to wear to work or cold meds to make us feel better. 

From America or anywhere else.

Shame on us for thinking we have freedom – or products available like we did in the pre-Biden years.

This is was the transformation of America looks like when democrats are in charge.