I’ve been around for 50+ years and have usually been able to find what I needed to buy during that whole time no matter who was president.

But the democrats have screwed up things SO much now that the America we are used to no longer exists. 

They closed businesses (some permanently) during the pandemic with their draconian rules and have done insane things to destroy the labor market and business viability including vaccine mandates, extended unemployment, child care tax credits, higher gas prices, inflation, not allowing automated ports because of unions and much more.

This has resulted, as you know, in both empty shelves and incredibly high prices on the things that you can actually find.

This has resulted, when I run errands, in me going to eight to 10 stores to find things instead of four or five. Sometimes I just give up and order things on Amazon.

So on my list of shopping items for the weekend, I had approximately 50 items to buy at various locations and couldn’t find more than ten of them. Usually I only have maybe two or three things that are unavailable.

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I couldn’t find french bread, the specific cat food my pet eats (cat owners know how devastating this can be), affordable ham, tablecloths, makeup, finger cots to give my cat medicine (Google it) and some other personal products.

And when I worked early on Sunday, both Burger Kings I went to were not open at 6 am because they don’t have enough workers to staff the restaurants that early. 

Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki said back in October that it’s OUR fault for the supply chain issue. We’re buying too much. 

And even though the leftists told us to social distance and stay out of the stores (except for the big ones of course), now they’re blaming us for buying too much stuff online.

She also blamed the supply issues on an “economic recovery” that is actually not happening.

You know what’s funny? What’s funny is that during the actual stoppage of work in 2020 under Trump when the pandemic hit, there wasn’t really a problem with the supply lines – except for some toilet paper, hand sanitizer and wipes. So what’s different a year later? 

Democrats in charge, that’s what.

And now we’re all supposed to accept the new status quo. The new lower standard of living.

According to the democrats, I don’t need pet food or anything else. I should be happy with what’s available to me.

Talk about a GREAT illustration of how the democrats want to change our lives. 

Rationing, controlling the supply lines and the death of capitalism. It’s happening right in front of our eyes.

They must be in heaven right now.