America has had enough with the lies and the tyranny, the fascism and the BS that is coming from the democrats.

Across the country, republicans and sanity won over the voters and they rejected the radical democrats in most corners of the country. 

While McAuliffe and other democrats lost, the REAL losers were Biden, Obama, Harris, Pelosi, the Squad and the rest of the insane left running the country into the ground.

Virginia republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin won the governorship instead of leftist candidate Terry McAuliffe, freaking out the democrats all night (wasn’t it fun to watch?)

Not surprisingly, the moms of Virginia gave McAuliffe a big middle finger at Tuesday’s election, so much so that the democrats couldn’t overcome the votes against them with their usual cheating.

Virginians don’t want their schools teaching racism or letting boys in girls bathrooms or imposing mask and vaccine mandates on their kids.

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As Matt Walsh of the Matt Walsh Show tweeted on election night, “I want to thank the Loudoun County school board. None of this would have been possible without you. Tonight’s result was your handiwork. Congratulations!”

Also winning in Virginia was Winsome Sears, the black female lieutenant governor candidate and Mason Miyares (still in the lead with 95% reporting as of the writing of this article), the Latino republican Attorney General candidate (I know how much the left likes to label everyone with gender and race, so there you go).

And let me be the first to go on record that I want Sears as our republican presidential VP candidate no matter who is on top of the ticket.

The New Jersey governor’s race is still close and most people think that the democrat will pull it out – but the FACT that it’s a close race in blue New Jersey is a pretty big deal.

Minneapolis, the city of George Floyd, found that their residents actually want to keep their police instead of replacing them with a public safety agency. Another woke idea down the drain for the democrats.

Also going on across the country was some sanity with the school board elections. The teaching of critical race theory in schools was voted out according to Breitbart, with triumphs over the CRT agendas in many communities. 

Breitbart cited Ryan James Girdusky’s 1776 Project PAC as helping out many candidates for local school boards in their elections and his website says they are dedicated to electing school board members nationwide who want to reform our public education system by “promoting patriotism and pride in American history.”

Freedom, education reform and fighting against democrat wokeism were some of the main themes that were keys to the victories that republicans had on Tuesday.

Freedom and pro-America policies should continue to win in the future as the country sees how destructive democrat policies are.

By the time of the November 2022 elections, how much will a gallon of gas be? $6? 

How far behind will people be in paying their heating bills? 

What other terrorist countries will Biden strand Americans in? 

How many masks will we have to wear and how many booster shots will we be threatened to take or else? Five? Six?

Americans are sick of a government that gets into our business every day. And loves doing it. And complains and lectures us when we fight against it.

The elections on November 2nd showed us who the desperate democrats really are. They were consumed with being race baiters and liars to get votes. And being unpleasant about it.

It’s pretty bad when even leftist political commentator Van Jones figured out that democrats are losing because they are offensive, annoying and out of touch (his exact words).

But that is exactly who democrats are and they are not going to change – lucky for us in 2022.

Democrats will continue to be annoying and push their mandates and leftist spending on us. They will continue to let illegal aliens into the country unabated and blame Americans for the supply chain crisis and any other problems the democrats create. 

They will continue to lie about critical race theory and demonize half or more of the country.

Unbeknownst to most of the democrats, even after Tuesdays elections, this is a losing plan of action.

Lies and promises of future tyranny are not a good campaign strategy.

Let’s Go Brandon!