Democrats are incompetent because they are all talk and no action. They are lawyers and academics, not workers or business owners.

Their FUBAR supply chain collapse doesn’t even have the possibility of being solved because they don’t add any value to making anything better. In fact, their union friends have made it much worse, slowing down things and objecting to automated equipment.

They aren’t working faster.

They aren’t working better.

Nothing is being done with more efficiency.

It’s the democrat way.

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Back when Biden said the ports would be open 24/7 (they’re not) and promised to get the country’s supply chain working again, there were about 60 ships waiting to be offloaded at the ports in southern California.

Now there are 80. Plus another six cargo vessels. 

With more on the way.

Way to go, democrats!!

The website Freight Waves says that those containers have about $25 billion worth of cargo stuck on the ships waiting off Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Do these ships contain the medicine you need?

Hope not.