Democrats have become more and more radical over the years. 

Some of it’s due to laziness, boredom and not having a fulfilling life.

They also have emotional issues. They need to feel like their life matters and make decisions by emotions instead of facts and reason. 

Add to those issues some Trump Derangement Syndrome as well as sitting in front of CNN all day and reading the articles in the New York Times.

And when insane ideas and theories are pushed by a fake news media feeding democrat voters constant lies about things like how speeding $3.5 trillion doesn’t cost anything or that Trump colluded with Russia, you end up with an ignorant democrat electorate who doesn’t even live in the real world anymore. 

And it’s how we ended up with Biden as president.

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Perhaps nothing illustrates the current insanity of the democrat voter more than the recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll of Virginians. 

It asked the question “Should parents or school boards have more of an influence on a school’s curriculum?”

70% of the democrats polled said the school boards should have more of an influence. 12% of them said the parents. 

The website Slate has a very telling answer for this. 

It’s just TOO hard to have to be involved in your children’s life, for goodness sake. 

Slate asked “Can you imagine even having to review one entire year’s worth of curriculum to approve it, much less providing detailed input on it?”

Well, of course not. A democrat couldn’t possibly imagine something like that.

Go to a school board meeting? For what reason? 

A democrat’s time can be put to better use scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, hanging out at the local bar or showing up at a Black Lives Matter terrorist rally.

The headline of the Slate article was actually titled “As a parent, I would rather fake my own death than take over curriculum planning from teachers and school boards.”

However, that is partly because the democrats understand that schools are democrat indoctrination campuses and there is no need to check on what they are doing because democrat parents are confident that leftist lessons are being taught.

On the other hand, if the schools started teaching the constitution, the history of the racist democrat party or what happens during an abortion, I’m pretty sure that the angry democrats would start showing up to school board meetings en masse.