Democrats ARE the enemy of our country and really always have been. 

Their goals have never been to make America great (or even better) or give us more freedom, security or prosperity. 

Power and financial gain for THEMSELVES has always been what democrats are after and they have disdain for regular American people, especially minorities who they only use to win elections.

Democrats feel liberated to be who they really are now because they have the fake news media to protect them.

So they don’t mind making anti-semitic statements, calling for the end of Israel, working with Iran and sending them bribe money, starting a BLM Antifa army to go after political enemies, weaponing law enforcement, the DOJ, the intelligence agencies and the IRS… or…

Legitimizing terrorists.

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AP reported that the Biden administration had an official meeting with the Taliban this weekend. 

The U.S. State Department (the one incompetent of getting Americans out of Afghanistan) held talks with representatives of the Taliban.

What was the theme of the talks? 

To discuss “bilateral relations,” containing extremist groups in Afghanistan and easing the evacuation of foreign citizens and Afghans from the country. 

Try not to laugh. That is really what’s being reported.

What it really was is a hostage negotiation. And a shakedown.

The billions in American military equipment and the free airbase in addition to the $64 million that Biden decided to give to Afghanistan in “humanitarian aid” were obviously NOT ENOUGH.

The Taliban wants their pallets of money that are due to them just like the Iranians got.

The State Department says the weekend meetings were “candid and professional.” Yes, I’m sure they were. When I’m comparing terrorist groups, I always say that the Taliban is very candid and professional.

You really can’t make this stuff up. 

The reality we live in under the democrats is like a daily Babylon Bee story.

The idiots in the State Department also want to encourage the Taliban to give women and girls more rights. 

Good luck with that one. 

A State official said the meetings didn’t imply the United States is recognizing the Taliban as “legitimate governors of the country.”

Another laughable statement coming out of the inept State Dept. 

That’s exactly what they are doing when they meet with Taliban terrorists about future policies and agreements (and handouts), treating them like some kind of normal government.