Looks like Biden the Grinch has screwed up Christmas for kids all over the country – their bikes and other toys they really really want WON’T be coming anytime soon. 

If what you want to buy isn’t at least on a ship at a port in the next week, you’re pretty much out of luck getting it by December 25th.

Maybe someone will come up with Biden gift cards to hand out that say, “Sorry, you won’t be getting your (insert gift item here) until May. Merry Christmas! Love Joe.”

So what’s a joyous gift-giver to do when they can’t get their Christmas presents shipped from China on time?

Well, life actually DID exist before Walmart came along and cheap crap arrived from other countries. 

There are all kinds of ways to combat your loss of China products this holiday season.

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You can make stuff! You can make personal things that actually have meaning to your family and friends. There are lots of projects you can find to do on the internet. Craft projects, calendars, picture books, candles, computer projects… lots of stuff. 

You can write a letter or a story about your family history. Do a family tree. Write a poem about how much someone means to you.

Buy local. What a concept! Shop your local stores this Christmas and buy American if you have to order something online.

Bake a cake or make cookies. 

Go to your local thrift store. Teenage girls especially love cool old stuff that you can find in there. You will definitely find some surprises and hidden treasures.

Donate to a non-profit organization in the name of family and friends. Help homeless veterans, animals, breast cancer survivors or whoever else has a hold on your heartstrings. Do something REAL and meaningful with your Christmas money.

Speaking of money, you can leave some all over town this Christmas season. I did this a few years ago and it was fun. Take the money you would have spent on Christmas and leave $5 and $10 bills all over the place – tape money to a bathroom stall or hide it next to a Wheaties box. You will really have a fun time doing this as you spread the Christmas spirit.

Convince your family to just exchange ONE gift this year – and a horrible one at that. Google White Elephant. The less money allowed for a White Elephant Christmas gift, the better. And remember to always bring back the worse of the worse present every year to re-gift.

Instead of exchanging presents, spend Christmas watching movies and playing games. Clark Griswold misses you.

Spend your Christmas season being AROUND Christmas – concerts, theatre productions, Madrigal dinners, tree lightings, church services, school pageants, craft shows, etc. 

Celebrate the real reason Christmas exists and read passages from the Bible. 

Sing Christmas carols, play Christmas music, read Christmas stories and enjoy being together with family and friends.

Christmas comes from the heart, not the wallet. 

The true meaning of Christmas is within your grasp.

The Whos in Whoville didn’t need presents. They had each other.

They would never let the Biden Grinch take away their Christmas.