It’s a funny thing about being tyrants. Once the tyrants figure out they can get away with something, they just keep pressing on, taking more and more of our freedoms away. 

Who’s going to stop them? 

No one at this point.

And once their tyranny is able to exist unabated, others follow suit quickly.

In what should have resulted as a MASS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE exercise against vaccine mandates, governments and businesses have been emboldened with their dictatorial powers and are currently strong-arming their workers into getting a failing COVID-19 vaccine.

Hospitals especially have gone full-on despot and are losing nurses and doctors all over the country who refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

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But that’s not enough for these hospitals. They are bullies. They’re going after the spouses of their employees now.

Ochsner Health in Louisiana has a new rule for 2022. According to, they’re going to charge their workers an extra $200 per month if their spouse (or domestic partner) is unvaccinated and are on the company’s health care insurance.

Warner Thomas, the very-caring CEO of Ochsner Health, doesn’t think it should be a problem if the spouses need to find new health care insurance. He said, “This is not a mandate as non-employed spouses and domestic partners can choose to select a health plan outside of Ochsner Health offerings.”

Ochsner Health is one of the largest employers in Louisiana and has 32,000 workers. They had already mandated that all of their employees get vaccinated whether they are around patients or not; full or part time; vendors; students; contract employees; travel nurses and volunteers. They have until October 29th or get a suspension. After that, they can be fired.

The way things have been going, we know that other hospitals with most likely follow this new spouse rule and other businesses as well. 

It’ll get down to the point where your fish and your dog will have to get a vaccine at some point. Maybe even your grandma and your fifth cousin once removed even though they live hundreds of miles away from you.

When are Americans going to unite against this? When is enough enough?

If we don’t start fighting for our freedoms, we’ll have no freedoms left soon.