It seems at times that conservatives are at a disadvantage. Why? Because we retain a sense of logic and mental clarity. We also possess a loyalty to the spirit and letter of the US Constitution. But, what if we didn’t? What if, like the Left, we could put integrity and loyalty to freedom aside and do whatever we wanted, in the leftist Orwellian mode, to gain and keep power? Then we too could have a cancel culture. I have five recommendations on the canceling. I don’t include people like Woodrow Wilson that the Left has already canceled. Good for them.

1. Franklin Roosevelt: This dilettante ushered in quasi-socialism through the back door and sold out the West at Yalta. Drop all references and statues to him and replace them all with monuments to Calvin Coolidge.

2. Margaret Sanger: This vicious racist, this eugenics monster, this pre-doctor Mengele would have gotten the axe long ago if she wasn’t the founder of Planned Parenthood. Obliterate her name from all references and substitute pylons and obelisks dedicated to Dr. Ben Carson.

3. John F. Kennedy: The highest flyer in the most corrupt political family in American history, this serial lothario had hookers in the White House and regularly ingested truck loads of uppers and other bizarre pharmaceuticals while president. This is on top of accepting a Pulitzer Prize he didn’t earn, getting elected president because of deals his dad made with the mob, folding in front of Khruschev at Vienna, folding on the Berlin Wall, and folding on Cuba. His brothers were no better. Bobby was a cutthroat little operator who pretended to be a sensitive prog prince to run for president. Ted was a buffoon, a screw up, and a general embarrassment. Take every favorable bit of media and homage to them and slap a label on it: Courtesy of Sam Giancana. In any picture of Ted run a picture alongside of Mary Jo Kopechne. And oh yeah, retroactively award the presidential election of 1960 to the real winner: Richard Nixon.

4.  Jimmy Carter: Where do you begin? This sanctimonious prig brought so many calamities upon the United States that they can be properly recounted in no less than a tome. But for brevity’s sake suffice it to say his record of inane blunders and chowderheaded mishaps still plague us today in places like Iran and Langley. His post presidential personal deification was just a public relations trick to change the subject from his disastrous term in office. Cancel any positive reference to him and construct a series of statues dedicated to overly aggressive rabbits.

5. Barack Obama: If we don’t prosecute him for treason on various counts maybe we can just decree that every time he appears in the media he has to wear a dunce cap with a hammer and sickle emblazoned on it. That, or just deport him to Tehran or Pyongyang.