Trump made sure America was first.

Biden makes sure illegal aliens are first.

Trump cut regulations, incentivized businesses to stay in America and gave tax breaks. 

Biden and the democrats target businesses and treat them like the enemy and the cash cows for their free giveaways to their voters.

Trump supported law enforcement and kept America safe from terrorists. 

Biden and his party support radical leftists who want to defund police; do nothing about violent Antifa and BLM who attack police and businesses (like in Portland recently); fire police, firefighters and the military for not getting COVID-19 vaccinations; turned over Afghanistan to the Taliban and incentivize illegal aliens to go through our open borders, bringing in criminals, drugs and terrorists. 

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Trump moved heaven and earth to deploy COVID-19 vaccines, medical ships, ventilators, therapeutics,  masks and other PPE. He did what was needed and was able to pivot when challenges arose.

Biden has sat on his rear end since becoming president, ignoring successful COVID-19 therapies instead of having them mass produced and he acts with no urgency to end the pandemic because it allows democrats to impose tyrannical rules on us. Biden’s only concern has been to use the government to threaten people into getting failing mRNA vaccines.

Trump gave us $1.55/gallon gas and energy independence.

Biden’s war on fossil fuel has caused Americans to pay $144 million more for gas every day than when Trump was president.

Trump gave us low unemployment and a roaring economy. 

Biden has given us low employment, empty shelves, labor shortages, product shortages and closed businesses.

Trump gave Americans freedom and didn’t spit on the constitution.

The democrats forge ahead with legislation to take away more and more of our money and freedoms. Biden and his pals want to spy on your bank account, use the intelligence agencies, IRS, DOJ and other law enforcement agencies to go after political enemies and completely ignore the constitution and laws whenever they want to get something done.

Trump showed us that there IS a path forward for Americans to have liberty and prosperity.

Biden has showed us that evil people can rule over us and destroy the country in less than a year.

But the thing is… no one really likes Biden. No one really voted for Biden – in more ways than one. 

We all know that every Biden vote was actually an anti-Trump vote and now many have soured on what that really meant. 

In the olden days, the federal government didn’t really have an effect on your life. But when democrats are in charge, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

You pay for their incompetence, bad policy ideas and evilness every day as you lose more and more of your money, freedoms and safety.

Biden taketh away the promises of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that our founders gave us (and that Trump championed) and has exchanged it for democrat rule.