First off, don’t bother seeing the new Bond film. Even aside from the PC overtones, it’s just another expedition into Bond’s inner self. Yawn. Snore. Who cares?

Aside from the first part of “Skyfall”, it’s been a filmed therapy session with Daniel Craig, Bond swans about mainly emoting about some slight or trauma. True, he’s not the effete pretty boy Pierce Brosnan was and he’s not the buffoon Roger Moore was at the end of his tenure. But he doesn’t hold a candle to Connery or even Dalton. Lazenby? Again, who cares?

The aforementioned latest venture “No Time To Die” actually should be taken round back during the present time and shot. For us purists, preferably with a Walther PPK. The film goes PC in a number of ways, the big one is giving a 007 label, not the 007 label, to a woman of color. Confused yet?

Now, I’d be all for an all female cast in a spy movie. Even an all female black cast. Why not an all black female midget cast with Dutch accents? Fine too. As long as it’s an entertaining offering that didn’t switch a traditional character for the sake of being lefty stylish.

It would be like making the whale in Moby Dick just an annoyed grouper. Or perhaps putting Indiana Jones in a wheelchair. Maybe Darth Vader could become an ambulatory air conditioning unit with a very bad attitude. You get the drift.

But they did that for Bond in kind of a dull PC transformation. The end result is boring and predictable. As opposed to Connery and especially Moore, Craig never seems to have fun of any kind. He just broods. A lot.

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Remember Connery and his merry male chauvinism? Probably a tad too merry for this day and age. But it beats the current alternative. We’re not asking for the vaguely pornographic, ok-some not so vague, female character names or the walking cleavage mannequins of the early Bond films. Actually we are, but nobody should listen to us.

We’re merely asking for a bit of fun. Even the supervillains have become only creepy, not threatening in the slightest. Christof Waltz’s Blofeld in “Spectre” was about as prepossessing as a hamster. And Javier Bardem’s Raoul Silva in “Skyfall” took a good film and turned it into a pervfest. Ah, for the heady days of Donald Pleasance and Christopher Lee as Bond villains. Those guys were menacing, though maybe Pleasance could have done without the cat.

Let’s hope the next Bond, Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston are said to be prime candidates, will breathe some shoot ’em up jollies back into Bond. My preference is Hardy. If you’ve seen him in “Peaky Blinders” you’ll know why. But almost any devil may care British male actor, Idris Elba would be cool, will work provided he looks like he’s enjoying the thing. Is that too much to ask from 007? Q might think so. Moneypenny would not.