Emails started coming into my in-box on Sunday from vaccine-truther Alex Berenson who told us that he learned that Southwest Airlines was going to have a problem soon because pilots and staff were unofficially organizing a sick-out due to the company’s vaccine mandates.

Right on cue, my Monday morning news reported more than 2000 of Southwest Airlines flights cancelled. But the company’s PR spin was that it was happening because of weather problems.

Yeah, right. Nice try, Southwest. Funny how the other airlines weren’t having “weather problems.”

Southwest finally had to admit to “understaffing” but even then they still weren’t telling the whole truth and why they were understaffed.

They were understaffed because the pilots at Southwest (and other workers) were and are taking a stand against the company’s vaccine mandates. 

It’s about time someone did it a large scale. 

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The government is destroying our freedoms and livelihoods by continuing to mandate a failing Pfizer vaccine that more than 58% of Americans have taken.

Berenson reported from a Southwest Airlines pilot that the anger among pilots and staffers is “enormous.”

Good luck to the patriots at Southwest who are sticking up for their rights and the rights of their co-workers and everyone else out here in America’s heartland. 

More civil disobedience is needed on a mass scale against the tyranny that we’re facing.

Ohio Senate Republican candidate JD Vance had it right when he said, “Don’t allow yourself to be bullied & controlled. Only mass civil disobedience will save us from Joe Biden’s naked authoritarianism.”

Shut down the airplanes and the economy for a while if we need to. 

The democrats have done it for far less. 

Our freedoms are at stake.

How long do you want this crap to continue?