Democrats: The party of racism. 

The party of segregation, the KKK, lynchings, Jim Crow laws and slavery.

The party that disguises killing black babies under the phrase of “pro choice” through Planned Parenthood, an organization started by a woman who wanted to rid the world of substandard people.

Who formed the Confederate States of America? Democrats.

Who created the Confederate flag? Democrats.

Who owned slaves? Mostly democrats.

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Who did most of the lynchings of black people? Democrats.

Sometimes I wonder if democrats (voters) know the history of their own party – or if they just don’t care. 

Unfortunately democrats haven’t changed their colors – they have just done a rebrand and fooled their supporters about who they really are. 

Democrats still think that blacks are substandard and use reparations, welfare and handouts of free stuff to keep them in their place and get their votes.

They trap their children in bad school systems and fight against school choice.

Democrats don’t want blacks working a decent job and making a better life for themselves. They want them trapped in a life of poverty and government dependence in bad neighborhoods with high crime.

Lately, their new strategy has been to pretend to be advocates for blacks by forming Black Lives Matter; pushing critical race theory in schools, businesses and the military; calling for reparations; pushing for equity instead of equality; and going after white people.

The democrats decided to use one man, police officer Derek Chauvin (and the Trayvon Martin incident before that), as a symbol of racism. They use individuals and isolated incidents to justify calling all white people racist. 

And if you deny you are racist, well that just proves that you are racist to them.

The democrats protest “systemic racism” by wrecking black neighborhoods with arson, looting and the destruction of black owned businesses.

They came up with a “defund the police” strategy, which in the end, hurts minority neighborhoods the most.

Instead of wearing hoods to go after blacks (or whites), the democrats use social media, microphones and TV cameras to divide the country, including having their friends in the media cover fake racism stories on college campuses and in other venues.

The democrats pretend to be advocates for black America while pushing both black and white racism at the same time in different ways.

Right now, in order to get the black vote sealed up the best that they can, the democrats are publicly going after white people. 

In the name of equity and diversity, they push this new racism for black votes. 

Besides indoctrinating kids in schools to be racist with CRT teachings, the “woke” democrats in government, education, entertainment and other businesses are going full-on racist, basing their decisions ONLY on the color of people’s skin.

The Art Institute of Chicago has decided to “fire” their docent volunteers in order to prioritize equity and diversity. Docents are volunteers who are longtime volunteers who know the museum and their collections intimately.

So it was reported that more than 100 volunteers have gotten the boot back in September because they are too white and too wealthy. 

The museum doesn’t want a bunch of rich white women guiding people around the museum just because they have an art education or know a lot about the museum. 


Who cares if the volunteers trained twice a week for 18 months, had five years of research and writing in their background, and participated in monthly and biweekly trainings?

That’s irrelevant. Optics are what matters to democrats and these chicks aren’t the right color nor are they at the right income level. And they’re white – so obviously racist as well.

Now the volunteers need to find ways to spread their love for art and volunteer hours.

Monica Williams, a black woman and the executive producer of The Equity Project, a consulting firm out of Colorado hired by the museum, said about the situation, “Sometimes equity requires taking bold steps and actions. You really have to dismantle and disrupt the systems that have been designed to hold some up and others out.”

This is another example of how democrats don’t live in reality – or equality for all. They live in the world of bitching, punishing people who are different from them and trying to buy off their voters. They use this as a voting strategy.

The hideous President Lyndon B. Johnson totally proves my point with the words he used when signing his Great Society welfare programs into law. He said, “I’ll have those n*****s voting democratic for the next two hundred years.”