Mr. articulate and bright and clean Obama, our first half-black president with really nice pleats, targeted parents over the weekend. 

He doesn’t like the fact that the virtual classes during the pandemic exposed what the leftist teachers were teaching the kids.

The leftist indoctrination of children at every age was on full display during virtual leaning and now parents are actually paying attention to what’s going on in their schools.

Parents are showing up to school board meetings to object to critical race theory teachings, transgender policies, vaccine mandates, masking their kids, explicit sex education materials and other creepy and dictatorial edicts and leftist lessons that the schools are forcing on students. 

In an effort to defend democrat Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe from his comments about not wanting parents to decide what is taught at Virginia schools, Obama showed up at a rally for him and said, “We don’t have time to be wasting on these phony, trumped-up culture wars.”

He continued to show his true colors by calling the whole reporting and commentary on the school board meetings as fake outrage by the right-wing media.

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He also berated Republican challenger Glenn Younkin for not talking about serious problems that affect serious people. 

So calling blacks students victims and white kids racist just because they are white is not a serious issue?

So a girl getting sodomized in a school bathroom because of an insane school’s transgender policy of gender wokeism is not a serious issue?

So giving kids pornography at school is not a serious issue?

Good to know.

Obama, Mr. Culture Warrior himself, who spent his entire presidency being a race-baiter and police-hater has no leg to stand on (pleated or otherwise) lecturing anyone on culture wars since many of them were started by him in the Oval Office.

Obama relished in dividing the country on culture war issues and is continuing it to this day with the Biden puppet presidency.

One of the main goals of the democrat party is to get the country involved in culture wars so that they can get votes by portraying the republicans as out of touch and evil.

The right is NOT the side that is the instigator in the culture wars. That real estate is OWNED by the democrats and their judgmental leftist friends who refuse to accept anyone who has different ideas than they do.

We are the defenders. 

Defenders of freedom. 

Defenders of safety. 

Defender of medicine and science. 

Defenders of law and order. 

Defender of equality (not equity). 

Defenders of safety. 

Defenders of individual rights. 

Defenders of our children.

We are not the ones who CANCEL people for their beliefs. That is the left. 

We are NOT supporters of schools being racist and perverted.

That is Obama, Biden, Harris and the left. 

THEY are the ones who need to be cancelled as a legitimate political party.