Biden has never met an immigration policy that he likes if it restricts, in any way, the ability of a democrat voter to be able to come into America and live the life they have been promised in exchange for allegiance to the democrat party.

To that end, Biden’s Homeland Insecurity Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas released a directive on Tuesday to stop mass raids on workplaces that round up illegals. 

Mayorkas and President Disaster feel that the poor illegals are being too exploited by their bosses and shouldn’t be punished for trying to make a living.

So instead, they want to go after their American employers instead. 

It doesn’t matter if the workers are the ones committing the crime by being here illegally (not to mention taking American jobs). The future democrat voters, shouldn’t have to face any consequences for that.

And it’s not just being free from the consequences, Mayorkas wants these illegals to be REWARDED for ratting out their bosses.

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The Obama Biden Harris administration wants to reward the illegals for turning in their employers for being big meanies to them and not paying them enough or not giving them enough bathroom breaks. 

As usual, Mayorkas used a word salad to pretend that he’s helping America. He said his memo calls for “broader and deeper mechanisms for coordination with interagency partners to enforce worker protections.”

I.E. protect the future democrat voter at all costs.

The Obama Biden Harris administration will tolerate and encourage the illegal aliens invading our country and taking our jobs but they say they will NOT tolerate unscrupulous American employers.

The entire memo was about protecting illegal aliens and going after American citizens. Mayorkas talks about the meanie employers exploiting vulnerable undocumented workers and that his focus is on enforcing wage protections, workplace safety, labor rights and other laws and standards.

Enforcing the laws? That’s rich.

Mayorkas also outlines the need to increase the willingness of the illegal workers to report violations of the law and to cooperate in employment and labor standards investigations.

In order to do that, his directive offers the illegal aliens consideration of deferred action, continued presence, parole and other available relief for noncitizen who are witnesses to, or victims of, abusive and exploitative labor practices. 

Yep, complain about your boss and you can stay in America.


The memo also outlines “prosecutorial discretion” for the illegal workers who are victims of or witness to workplace exploitation.

That’s pretty much what the democrats are doing with the criminals all over the country right now – letting them out to go about their business.

Only in this case, the illegal aliens will also get the added benefit of staying in the country and at some point becoming a citizen and being able to vote for democrats.

Lucky them. And unlucky for America.