With the governorship of Virginia at stake as well as the national viability of the democrat party on the line, there is not a scenario where the democrats can allow leftist Terry McAuliffe to lose the Virginia gubernatorial race.

In a state where he should win handily, polls show that McAuliffe is behind the eight ball, most likely because of his anti-parent comments about not wanting parents to have a say in what their kids are taught in school whether it’s about COVID-19 policies, transgender issues or critical race theory teachings.

In order to secure a McAuliffe election win, the local leftist Virginians are already cheating like they did to drag Biden over the presidential finish line by violating state election laws.

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The Federalist reports that a lawsuit was filed last week against the county registrar and three members of the Fairfax County Electoral Board because they aren’t adhering to the state’s election laws.

The law says that absentee and mail-in ballot applications must arrive with required information including the applicant’s last four digits of their Social Security number.

Well, gee, and darn it!

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How can a democrat cheat if they have to follow voter integrity laws? And that’s racist!! So they’re ignoring the law.

So far, The Federalist reports that the democrat cheaters have accepted at least 339 absentee and mail-in ballot applications without the valid social security numbers and they continue to do so in violation of the Virginia constitution and Virginia statutes.

The law does not allow the corrupt leftist characters to override the rules. But they don’t care. 

Are they in jail for this? No. 

Will they be able to send unauthorized votes into the system? Yes.

The law can prevail later this week in circuit court and it still won’t stop the cheaters from cheating. 

And those 339+ votes have already been cast. Does anyone really believe a judge will throw out those ballots?

The democrats might not even have to cheat in any other counties beyond Fairfax county because it’s their most populous county. 

That’s how 2020 worked so well – democrats changed state laws unconstitutionally wherever possible and where that didn’t work, they just disregarded the voter integrity laws as the votes came in and at the polls, finding creative ways to cheat in all kinds of different ways.

 all of their state’s voter integrity laws – if they weren’t able to change them unconstitutionally.

Easy peasy.

And the leftists don’t worry about the law coming after them. No one ever gets hauled off to jail for breaking any laws unless they are a Trump supporter.

Voter fraud is of NO concern to democrats because they need it to survive. 

They even tried to get signature requirements nixed for this election with the cheating Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voting 9-1 to ask the Governor to allow the county to waive the witness signature requirement for absentee ballots.

While the democrats push to nationalize elections on the federal level so they can cheat nationally and be in power forever, their leftist friends on the local level continue to do their dirty work for them, ignoring voter integrity laws.

They’ve had a while to work on their cheating and come up with creative voter fraud since early voting began on September 18th.

The question is, will enough parents who don’t want leftists to control their kids education show up in order to override all of the democrat cheating?

It looks promising because McAuliffe jumped the shark. 

The democrats exposed their true selves this time with McAuliffe ignorantly and blazingly speaking his mind, forgetting that the public is actually NOT with them on indoctrinating their kids in school.